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Rental car insurance might mean the difference between the trip of your dreams and a financial nightmare. It’s important to plan for the unexpected, especially when driving a strange car around unfamiliar places.

You may think that choosing the right policy can be overwhelming—there are so many options to choose from and a multitude of different suppliers....not with us! COSTA RICA GAY TRAVELS makes it very easy! We have certified suppliers and have negotiated to make things easy for you.  Just decide how worry-free you want to travel!

Plus, there are other great added values and benefits that our suppliers give our customers, which you will not get when booking directly or through other websites.


Car rental agencies have cars for rent, which are their main assets for business.  They cost money.  And for a agreed rate, they are renting it out to you.  They are trusting that you will return it in the same condition it was delivered, minus the normal tear and wear from use.  The cars are insured, which means that the insurance company will pay for any damages. But all insurances have deductibles, which is a part of the cost that is not covered by the insurance policy itself.  So, the car agency must be sure that YOU, the person responsible for the vehicle during the time of your rental, have means of paying this deductible in case there is a damage done to the vehicle.  Why? Because it needs to be in top-notch condition for the next customer who uses it.


Now, when you book directly with a car rental agency, a USD$1,000 - $1,500 + rental value guarantee deposit is required for all vehicle rental agreements, to cover the rental payment, guarantee deposit, any incidentals added to the rental and refueling costs, just in case. But renting through COSTA RICA GAY TRAVELS, this deposit is lowered to only USD $500 - $750, depending on the car category. Why?  Because this is a benefit awarded to OUR customers.  They trust you because we are referring you.

Clients can make the deposit with their valid Visa, Mastercard, Discovery, or American Express credit card. Debit cards are accepted with some restrictions. Cash is not accepted. 

Upon return of the vehicle THE CAR RENTAL AGENCY will submit an electronic request to it's bank, to release the deposit. The funds will be available back in your account's credit, depending on your bank’s processing time. It can normally take between 10-14 working days.


Third Party Liability Insurance in Costa Rica is mandatory for all rentals and rental car agencies. It provides limited liability coverage and financial responsibility for incidents involving third parties. In every COSTA RICA GAY TRAVELS quote, this liability insurance is included. No exceptions.


What happens when there are damages to a third party? This liability insurance covers up to USD$20,000. It has a 20% deductible or a minimum fee of $1000. 

What happens when there is injury or death of a third party not traveling in the rental car? This liability insurance will cover up to USD$100,000 per accident with ZERO deductible.


COSTA RICA GAY TRAVELS providers offer our clients professional coverage at reasonable and competitive rates with no hidden fees.


This basic car insurance waives the client’s financial responsibility in the event of a collision, roll-over, or other damages made to the rental car.

Please note that vandalism and tire damages are not covered under the basic car insurance.


According to our providers terms and conditions:

  • Basic car insurance provides coverage for partial or total theft of the vehicle or it's parts. This does not include personal belongings left inside the vehicle.

  • The Basic car insurance deductible or excess amount is USD$1,000.

What happens in the event of a collision, rollover, or damage to the vehicle? The car rental agency representative will help you with filing a claim. Incident processing will include the vehicle appraisal, damage and downtime reports, repair reports, and others.


With the FULL PROTECTION your concerns for safety and security are covered. This insurance is a comprehensive coverage that ensures our client’s needs are taken care of. Be it an accident in Guanacaste or a fender-bender in downtown San José.

A rental agreement with FULL PROTECTION waives the deductibles from your Third Party Liability and Basic Car insurance. With a ZERO deductible you will be fully covered if anything happens to the car. It also covers damages to any third parties. 

Your Third Party Liability coverage will increase to USD$5,000,000. In case of an accident, all damages to third parties (vehicles and people) will be waived and you pay nothing. 

This applies both for both third party damages as well as for damages to the vehicle.

The FULL PROTECTION ensures that your time in Costa Rica will be spent with peace of mind. For vacation or business! No matter what happens on the road. 


This includes:

  • Nation-wide 24/7 roadside assistance, including tow truck service.

  • No deductible. The 20% deductible for third-party damages is waived.

  • Insurance coverage for damages from accidents is extended up to $2 million per event.

  • Vandalism damages to the car ARE COVERED. This includes the tires and windows.


Clients who do not follow the following rules and regulations regarding car rental coverage will lose their coverage benefits. Be aware that the insurance purchased will not apply under the following circumstances:

  • Failure to report an incident (collision or damages) to the car rental agency and COSTA RICA GAY TRAVELS immediately after the event occurs.

  • If the driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the event.

  • If the driver is not authorized or inscribed as an additional driver in the rental agreement and damages occur.

  • Any damages incurred while driving on unauthorized terrain or not officially recognized roads. This includes rivers, lakes, beaches, mangroves, flooded roads, or “off-road” conditions.

  • Failure to comply with the legal claim process with the corresponding insurance company. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Failure to report the incident to the Transit Police.

    • Failure to report the incident or claim to the insurance company.

    • Failure to comply with all legal process requirements.

Avoid this last circumstance by calling the car rental agency immediately after any incident occurs.  Please remember to ask the car rental agency to provide their emergency service numbers when you are signing your rental agreement.

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